Industrial and Commercial Telephone Benefits, Uses and Features

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Industrial and commercial telephone systems are designed for use in public and private outdoor areas. They allow members of the public and staff to conveniently make calls in the event of an emergency, or if there is no mobile phone network available. There are a range of telephones available on the market. This article takes a look at the uses and benefits of commercial telephones, and how you can find a reputable supplier in your area.

Industrial and Commercial Telephone Uses

These types of telephones have a huge range of applications, including for use in airports, amusement parks, swimming pool areas, universities, warehouses, mines, greenhouses, constructions sites, ships and processing plants, amongst many other things. They are designed to withstand harsh weather elements as well as dust and corrosive chemicals, making them suitable for use in almost any situation.

Yellow Enclosers

Yellow enclosures will not only protect the phone, but they will draw attention to it. This is particularly beneficial for easy identification, and for when members of the public may need to locate a phone in the event of an emergency.

Spring Closed Doors

Spring closed doors use special springs to ensure that the phone door automatically shuts after the phone has been used. This will ensure that the phone is protected, which will provide a longer product life. It will also prevent the door from being blown open during storms.

Automatic Speaker Control

Some commercial or industrial phones will have an automatic speaker control which will adjust the speaker sound levels according to the background noise in the area that it is being used. This feature is useful in noisy situations, such as in machinery plants and on construction sites.

Additional Features

Many phones come with additional features, such as surge arresters, electret noise reducing headphones, modular parts, and hearing aid compatibility. The phones come on a steel mounting plate, which allows for quick and easy installation on any flat surface. Telephones are typically connected to any local telephone network using standard wiring and components.

Service and Repairs

Many telecommunications providers will be able to offer a full repair service. Over time these types of phone systems are prone to problems such as audio buzzing, low audio levels or echos. These problems can be easily and quickly fixed by hiring a specialist to come and repair them for you. Scheduled maintenance surveys will ensure that your phone system is working at its optimum performance. A repair specialist will be able to advise you on the maintenance and repair services that they offer.

Where to Purchase Commercial and Industrial Communication Products

These types of products will need to be purchased from a specialist retailer. You find a retailer in your area by searching for them online. All major retailers will have a website that will list images and details of all of the products and services that they offer. Always choose a reputable seller to ensure that you will be purchasing high quality communications equipment that is built to last.


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